Introducing Antika Skin <br>More than a brand; it's a way of life.

Introducing Antika Skin
More than a brand; it's a way of life.

The time has finally arrived to introduce Antika Skin to the world. We have been anticipating this leap for some time now. As the journey ( some call it obsession) with single ingredient and the skin has indeed taken us on some wonderful adventures. 

Antika Skin is more than a brand.  It is a reflection of ancient wisdom, a movement towards sustainability and a slow living way of life.  It is a lifetime of knowledge and belief rolled up into a luxury, sustainable, ethical brand where we can extend our knowledge with those who want to bring about positive change in the world, while looking after their bodies. To create a world that truly embraces the foundations of respect, love and evolutionary growth. Where we believe that less is more. Where dignity and kindness are non negotiable in the way we collaborate in business. Where awareness encourages the change you seek and stimulates the ripples of change around us.

The time is now to share the natural power inherent in ancient primitive ingredient for the skin. Ingredient that to this day is unparalleled in its superiority. Taking skincare back to its origins. To collaborate ethically through fair trading practices, direct with co-operative groups and giving back to empower communities. Where each and every individual is treated with respect working in an environment that protects their health and wellbeing.  Antika Skin will deliver over time a range of single ingredient products from villages around the world.  Ingredient that has been used for centuries, passed from generation to generation. The harvest, the preparation and the applications.  Ingredient to nourish the skin and nurture the soul.

And so we have finally taken the leap!

We want to encourage conversations about slow living, sustainable business and conscious consumerism. Sourcing ingredient from the first harvest of each season, and producing smaller batch runs. Which means we may sell out, and we will all have to wait for next seasons harvest before we can again indulge ourselves.  And thats ok, in fact its perfect.

To be honest, we thought that the conscious consumer, clean living, ethical fair trade, minimalist revolution was all so obvious it was superfluous to discuss. That perhaps you have all already heard enough about the slow living, single origin, small batch, conscious living movement.

Then there was a moment. As the founder of Antika Skin, I realised I’d been taking my knowledge for granted and in the process denying my purpose. I heard the deep chanting of one particular tibetan monk. The chant I had stored in my cellular memory 20 years ago.  The monk who sat with me on my birthday in meditation, deep in the tropical Daintree rainforest of North Queensland, Australia. A monk who had indeed accompanied the Dalai Lama in his escape from Tibet across the border into Nepal. A truly transient and sentient human being. He looked deep into my soul that day and chanted with me.  As I remembered him I could still feel the chant vibrate in my very core. In that moment there was no shadow of doubt that Antika Skin was meant to be shared with the world.

I have a genuine love for nature and a deep passion for humanity,  22 years of experience in alternative medicine, as a holistic kinesiologist, and an obsession with single origin ingredient. I am an entrepreneur, a business woman, a mother with a creative soul. Hoping to live my life with purpose and leave a positive legacy in my wake.

So, it is with a humble heart that we begin this journey with you. Where we dream we can grow in collaboration with one another in conversation and knowledge. 

After all, it is not until we share our knowledge that we can truly become wise.

x RA


Rachela Aristotite 

Antika Skin founder