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Meet the Founder

" I believe every choice we make impacts the collective global community. That together, we can make a positive impact on the world around us. I believe that less, is more, & that slowing down is the best way forward."

Holistic Kinesiologist & Founder  |  Rachela Aristotite 


What does Antika Skin mean to you and where did it all begin?  
Antika Skin represents a reconnection to the simple primal essence of nature. Honouring the way of ancient herbalists, treating skin with one ingredient at a time. A brand built on the principles of sustainable luxury which needs to be celebrated more within the beauty industry. It can be clean, it can be sustainable and it can be beautifully packaged and a luxury experience. As a Holistic Kinesiologist, I began looking at natural products for skin. I found that many commercial products, while natural often contained too many ingredients, it was too heavily scented, over formulated. Natural yes… but so far from its natural raw state.  So I began the journey, my obsession to source and produce an ethical and sustainable brand meant it took 6 years to find the right suppliers, from ingredient through to packaging. You might be surprised how difficult it is to find a truly ethical & sustainable glass jar manufacturer! 
Antika Skin celebrates the intimate ritual of connecting with raw single ingredient, taking the time to indulge your skin and connect with yourself slowly. 

What inspires you?
In one word, life.
I am inspired by nature and the energetic patterns inherently echoed throughout it, the principles of quantum physics and the reality of our interconnectedness.
I am inspired by the flow of energy at sunrise. 
I am inspired by the power of imagination.
I am inspired by my daughter.
I am inspired by people who have the courage to be honest and strive to be their best, humbly. 
I am inspired by simple beauty.
I am inspired by ancient wisdom and the intimate primal connection of nature and humanity and by art and culture that allows humanity to celebrate and come together and learn from each other and evolve together cross culturally. Where we can learn collectively, share stories and continue to remove the barriers in a borderless celebration of life.