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1:1 Kinesiology Session

1:1 Kinesiology Session


1hr Kinesiology session 

Re-establish your balance & connection to your highest potential and mind/body energetic matrix, bringing harmony and  awareness to subconscious behavioural patterns. These sessions serve as an energetic rebalance of your bodies ~ mental, emotional & physical. Allowing you to better Understand the cause of imbalances in the body, emotions or mental attitudes.

Focusing on a particular aspect of your life (physical, emotional or mental) uncover the patterns in place that prevent you from experiencing optimum health. Through delicate exploration, retrieving (subconscious) memories stored within your muscle memory. Your session will bring awareness and create balance and alignment. The session is an opportunity to discover your core beliefs and create new positive pathways to be re-established.

Kinesiology is a vibrational therapy underpinned by  the principles of quantum physics, exploring the relationship between the human energetic systems of traditional Chinese medicine, the Indian Ayurvedic system & the Western nervous system providing a truly holistic energetic approach.  

Rachela brings wisdom and  25+yrs of experience in vibrational mind/body alignment with extensive experience across multiple energetic modalities and ancient practices. Having studied for decades in energetic sciences, mentored by world leaders & experts within the field, she obtained her AdvGradDip.Health Sciences (Holistic Kinesiology) in 1999 proudly one of the first fully qualified Kinesiologists in Australia.