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For the Conscious Consumer who actually gives a damn *

Yep. Conscious Consumerism means that you actually give a damn about the things you buy. Before you buy a product, you educate yourself about the brand and the way in which the products are produced.  Informed about the supply chain that supports the production of the products, whether the social impact is positive and the environmental impact is minimal, and whether workers  are safe and paid living wages. It takes time to become informed, it slows down the buying process and yes, it also means that some of your ‘favourite’ brands may not make the cut.  But it’s worth it. The impact of your decision to buy or not to buy, has a tremendous ripple effect that reaches further than you realise.

For us at Antika Skin this is non negotiable.  That means it takes four times as long to source ingredient and packaging to bring you a sustainable product crafted with respect. The first product in our range is a single origin pure Ghanian Shea Butter... But what is the Antika Skin difference?

In West Africa, Shea butter has been used to treat many skin conditions for centuries. A primitive ingredient and ancient indulgence passed from generation to generation.  Its history entwined deeply within the culture and history of the West African Savanna. Our shea butter remains true to tradition, produced by the women of the North Ghanian region. These women oversee every part of production and perform all the tasks to produce this single origin luxury ingredient for your skin.


There is just one difference, which makes the world of difference.

We fell out of love with the romance of handcrafted shea butter when we took the time to become informed ourselves. It is handcrafted by the women, using their own physical strength and stamina. The women gather the fruits, de-pulp and sun-dry the seeds, crack open the shell that houses the nut by physically pounding with heavy sticks. They grind the seeds using heavy wooden mortar and pestles. Water often carried many miles from the local water source is used in the boiling process and then women rigorously stir and kneed the mixture into a paste for hours. The tools made from gathered sticks, branches and rocks, collected pieces of metal, often rusted pots. Not only does this introduce foreign materials into the butter ( which will require chemical purification pre export compromising the inherent healing properties), but most importantly, is often unsafe and physically demanding for the women workers, who are not paid living wages and caught in a vicious cycle of unethical trade.

There is a better way!

A way that is indeed ancient and modern in the same breath. Fusing an ancient recipe with modern production. Where premium graded first harvest Shea nuts, stainless steel equipment, water purifiers and organic processes are used in the production of the butter. Where the women remain in full control of the end to end production, performed within a sterile and controlled environment, where they are safe from exploitation. A unique process, producing the only un-purified shea butter exported from Africa. 100% pure, unrefined & un-purified because there are no foreign particles to be removed. All the traditional steps of producing the Shea butter remain true to tradition, simply the physical burden is replaced by an ergonomic and safe environment with clean water used to produce the single origin ingredient. Where workers are paid living wages, ensuring a more dignified, fulfilling working experience. Enabling them to further enhance the lives of their children, families, communities and their environment. The final result is the worlds finest single origin luxury Shea Butter.

For us single origin luxury is non-negotiable.  But the hands and hearts of the women working to make this butter is our first priority, without compromise.

We encourage you, the consumer to wake up and send a message to brands by becoming informed before you buy.  Join the movement for those who work in fear, accepting unsafe working conditions because ‘something is better than nothing’.  It is our responsibility as consumers to speak for them through our buying trends. Be a part of the change you seek.

In life, every action has an equal reaction. Consume consciously. We all deserve to live a life of luxury. 






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