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Terms such as single origin, clean eating, raw food and vegan are common place in our conversations about diet and lifestyle these days.

For years now tea, coffee and chocolate connoisseurs have been singing the praises of single origin leaves and beans, dried or roasted to perfection to make the finest brew for their morning rituals. Menus featuring single origin, highlighting the distinctive flavour.  But the single origin pros reach further than distinct flavour. Single origin is a lifestyle choice that creates ripples of positive impact that reach the lives of many. 

So what is Single Origin for the body all about?

Skin, we have all been told is the largest organ of the body.  It’s true.  It too, like all aspects of our life, is craving a cleaner option. Premium ingredient, that allows the skin to be nourished, protected and hydrated, so that it can breathe and glow.

Over the last 70 years we have increasingly bombarded our skin with complex formulations and synthetic ingredient. Bathroom products filled with a multitude of chemicals and silicones.  Many of us have switched out the harmful toxins lurking in the bathroom, for more natural alternatives, which is great.  Yet the majority still have more ingredient listed than letters in the alphabet. While they may be better ‘natural’ or ‘naturally derived’ products, free from the known nasties, are they actually good for your skin?

Increasingly, many people are suffering with skin ailments, complaints of eczema and psoriasis, extreme dry and irritated skin conditions. Even when using natural products, they don't seem to find the relief they seek. We need products to use on our skin that are superior single ingredient, clean and unformulated.  We don't need essential oils added to make it smell pretty.  We don't need formulations to make it smoother and easier to spread.  We don't need to add anything to it, in fact, we need to leave it just as it is.

Potent, premium, ancient primitive ingredient for the body. Perfect, just the way mother nature made it! 

Our ancestors from across the globe have held the secret to healthy skin for centuries, sourcing ingredient from the earth, without complex formulations or preservatives. Single origin ingredient for the body. The best way to nurture, protect and nourish yourself, was found in nature, sourced locally from the land they lived on.  To this day those same ingredients are still being used in the villages to nurture and nourish their skin.  These ingredients are still to this day, second to none. The ultimate ancient indulgence. Without all the additives. 

The ritual of self love that takes place when using single ingredients on the body is unsurpassed. The connection to the primal energy of the ingredient presents you with the possibility to  awaken your soul.  Becoming aware of your body as it drinks the ingredient through the skin, just as euphoric as organic fruit awakening your tastebuds. There is no reason why we shouldn't all experience this intimate ancient indulgence, connecting with single origin ingredient. Nurturing the skin deeply everyday, allowing it to truly glow from the inside out. Feeding our skin and our soul at the same time.

Single origin hides nothing, you know precisely how your product came to be. Providing more transparency on the ethical trade practices, the working conditions, the process and the people that contributed to creating each product.  Know who you are  buying from and the social impact you are making. Be conscious in your consumer behaviour and live knowing that you are not contributing to any unethical trade.  

Every action has a reaction and together with the choices we make as consumers, we can create waves of positive change, one ripple at a time. All while our bodies reap the rewards. 

Single origin for the body... It's clean eating for your skin!

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