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Our 2nd Batch for 2022 has been lovingly hand poured in Melbourne,Australia. Sourced from our trusted partners in the Burkina Faso region of Ghana, ethically, sustainably, lovingly & consciously created from seed to jar. Single origin ingredient, for your body.
Limited batch #2022.2

Our luxury single origin pure shea butter restores the protective layers of the skin providing deep treatment for dry, ashy & cracked skin, eczema & psoriasis, scars, stretch marks, lips, hands, feet & as a hair treatment. Safe to be used by sensitive skin types, including babies & pregnant women.

Protect and restore skin from Spring into Summer and through Autumn & the cold Winter months. 4 seasons, just one jar!



Compliments my clean beauty routine perfectly. So impressed with this product!

Antika skin really is an excellent and superior Shea butter! Thank you for a superb product. 

In LOVE with this brand. 100 stars from me!