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'At our core we acknowledge ancient wisdom, through modern simplistic expression. We encourage cultural crossover as we embrace a borderless celebration of life. Sourcing single origin ingredient, sprung from ancient seed, recognising primitive indulgence.'



In a nutshell;

We admit we have an obsession with luxury single origin ingredient, sourced directly from nature for the skin. It is in the first harvest of each season that the ingredient is most potent, nutrient rich and at its most vital.  It is this ingredient that we hand pour & bottle for you.  Limited and exclusive batches for the most discerning customers in the world. 

In the process supporting the growers of these ingredients from villages around the world, trading ethically, ensuring sustainability with minimal environmental impact. Providing exclusive product to the most discerning customers globally, who respect quality & humanity at the same time.

We set out to create a brand that has a positive impact with all those around us, near and far.  Each and every decision we make is underpinned by our core value of Respect, for each other, for the earth and for future generations.


But there's more;

We have taken our time to find the very best premium ingredient available from farmers and producers globally, that are aligned with our core values without compromise.

Ethical supply & Buying direct from co-operative farmers and producers of ingredient to support direct trade allowing them to maintain a sustainable and profitable business for themselves, their families and the greater community. We research our supplier  operations. The processes they use to produce ingredient, from farming / wild harvesting of ingredient, to the production, safety of workers, ensuring a living wage is paid to workers and positive community impact. We spent years searching for the best suppliers in the world and we are proud to say we found them! And it's not just the ingredient, but also the suppliers and manufacturers of our packaging, the jar, the lid, the box, the labels.  

Sustainability is an important factor for us.  We are a small batch brand because this is our preference. We buy an allocated amount of ingredient from the current season.  The most potent, nutrient dense ingredient of the year. That's it.  Once we have sold out of this exclusive allocation we will wait for the next season to come around before we purchase more ingredient.  Often it might take a year for that plant to bare fruit, if so, we wait a year. To truly honour the natural life cycle of production. The epitome of primitive ingredient, a true ancient indulgence. The finest things in life are worth the wait.


Environmentally we look to create packaging that can be repurposed or recycled. Using glass jars to house your product & uncoated cardboards for packaging for ease of recycling. This ensures our packaging is 100% re-usable and recyclable. That our packaging post consumer has a lifecycle that impacts the environment as minimally as possible.  And that can continue on to become many wonderful things.