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Single Origin Pure Shea Butter

Restoring the protective layers of the skin providing deep treatment for dry, ashy & cracked skin, scars, stretch marks, lips, hands, feet & as a hair treatment. Safe to be used by sensitive skin types, including babies & pregnant women. Best applied as an oil, simply warm the product in the palm of your hand and massage into the skin as required.

Antika Skin Pure Shea Butter is a single origin luxury ingredient from the wild harvested Karite nut of the North Ghana region. Hand poured in Australia. A true ancient indulgence, this primitive ingredient has been nurturing skin for centuries.

Sourced directly from the local co-operative where the butter has been produced for centuries. Our direct trade supports the women of the North Ghanian region. The rightful custodians and owners of the karite trees and nuts produced in the area. They harvest the nuts by hand, then produce the butter in a modern ergonomic environment, following ancient processes using modern equipment, providing a safe environment for workers & fair pay. They are the producers of the worlds most premium shea butter due to superior production and a purified production line. Every drop of shea butter is creating a positive impact to the lives of all those involved.

Ingredient 120ml pure Vitellaria Paradoxa ( Ghanian Shea Butter )


Hand poured in Melbourne, Australia

Vegan . Cruelty Free . Ethical & Sustainable Trade .